10 Video Games That Pissed You Off THE RIGHT WAY

Frustration never felt so good.

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  1. You can still play flappy bird on the App Store it was just renamed to Fabby Bird

  2. Didn’t floppy bird get canceled because Nintendo sent a cease and desist because the company that made the game was using old Super Mario World assets?

  3. I would hate for someone to tell me I have a plethora and not even know what a plethora is.

  4. Floppy bird was removed because the owner/creator didn’t like a publicity it incited. He removed it because it became too popular lol

  5. Shouldn’t this topic apply to all challenging but good games that exist? Crash games, any dark souls inspired game and any game with a hateful character that you finally get to kill (yes I am referring to RE4 Salazar that got mocked by having castle noble enemy that is liked be his exact opposite in the recent RE Village).

  6. GTA V Online is absolute trash. It was fun back in the mid 2010’s before it became a Saints Row Clone

  7. The most important thing i’ve learned from puzzle games and my instinct to 100% a video game is that the more you fail, sometimes the more frustrated you get, and the more you will keep failing. Taking a moment to step back and give your brain another task for a while and coming back when you’ve had time to cool down /almost/ always helps. In life and in gaming.

  8. I was going to hope for Ninja Gaiden 2 to be on this list…but then I remembered that one time I got so pissed that I ejected the disc and threw it across the room…so that’s probably not “the right way”.

    Master Ninja mode is a hell of a drug.

  9. oh no, getting to an S in dmc is the EASY part. MAINTAINING it is the real challenge

  10. You should replace DMC V with any other DMC game. Because Mission 10 and 12 is broken endscorewise.
    And i was hoping to see Rainbow 6 here, cuz it is tough but still fun and fair, in my opinion

  11. I’m shocked that there is no online team FPS game on this list. For me, it’s definitely Overwatch.

  12. I feel like Borderlands 3 having the Calypso Twins (villains with the personality as that Internet influencer that is a total jackal and that you just hate and want to end, but can’t cause actual consequences) can make for the satisfaction of having them dead, especially since they were responsible for the death of Maya. Sure the rest of the main story is just bootycheeks, but I had a big feeling of “Finally ended you asshats” at the end of the game when Tyreen goes Kahput

  13. The thing about GTA Online though, is if you don’t want to spend actual money, you can’t really do anything to someone who has the Opressor or orbital strike. That’s why it’s broken, and Rockstar admitted they know this, and don’t plan on changing it.