10 Times People Woke Up At Their Own Funeral

From people who were believed to be dead but honestly weren’t, to those who faked their own funerals to see who would turn up, and more! Join me as I reveal to you 10 times people “woke up” at their own funerals!

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10. The Two-Week Reprieve
This is the story of Walter Williams, a 78-year-old man from Mississippi who had a very simple kind of death. He passed away, was checked by the medical examiner, and was later put into a bodybag and then taken to the local funeral home to be “processed” for the funeral and ceremony.

9. The Case Of Mistaken Identity
When you go to a funeral, you should know 100% that the person you’re burying is your loved one or friend, right? In fact, you’ve likely gone and seen the body of your lost one at least once before the funeral for proper identification.

8. A “Hit” Gone Sideways
This particular story is definitely one of the more unique funeral tales you’re ever going to hear, and for good reason. Noela Rukundo was from Australia, and one day she had to go and make a trip to a funeral for her stepmother.

7. Seeing Who Would Come Part 1
To many, funerals are a sad time, but to others in various cultures, funerals are a measure of the impact you made in your life. Because the more people that arrive at your funeral, the more people you impacted while you were alive. For Chinese man Zhang Deyang, he wondered how much he had impacted people in his 66 years of life so far.

6. Seeing Who Would Come Part 2
If you think that only a few people stage their own funerals to see who all would come, you would be wrong. Because a Serbian man named Vuk Peric decided to do his own fake funeral to see who would show up.

5. Death Becomes A Holiday
This very unique story comes from the village of Braughing in Hertfordshire, England, and dates all the way back to 1571. A local farmer by the name of Matthew Wall had passed away and the whole village came together to mourn him as you would expect.

4. The Bishop
Nicephorus Glycas was a bishop working in Lesbos, Greece, and as you might expect upon his “passing”, his church had many particular and specific methods that they would impart on the “fallen” to make sure he had a proper burial.

3. How NOT To Show Up to Your Own Funeral
There are certain pieces of etiquette that are to be followed when going to a funeral of any kind. One of which is to NOT be drunk or be high on various narcotics. But does that pertain to the person who is “dead”? Edison Vicuna would no doubt argue “no”.

2. Death, Life and Death Again
You could argue that Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov of Russia has one of the worst “return to life” stories ever. Because in 2011, she was believed to have died from a heart attack. She was taken to a hospital where she was declared dead there.

1. Waiter, This Man Is Still Alive!
Another more recent death story happened in 2012 when waiter Hamdi Hafez al-Nubi had a heart attack at just 28 years old. A very odd thing. But, after being examined, he was declared dead and his family started to prepare the body for its last rights via Islamic traditions.

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  1. His family at his funeral : i missed you sooo much and i wish that you will come back and be together for much longer time…… i missed those days soooo much

    Him : *wakes up*

    His family : “so anyway i started running”

  2. uhm they cant wake up cuz they take your brain out put you in a freezer take you out and wash ur hair and then put you in a freezer unti
    the funeral

  3. who else would fake their death to see who would come and who really care???cause people b fake now a days 🙋

  4. Micheal Jackson is still alive he was caught jumping out the ambulance perfectly fine

  5. 4:59
    Fuck them if that were me I would have cut them out of my will and asked 20 of the strangers who went to my “funeral” and put them in it