10 Surprising Things that Instantly Ruin Your Style Over 40

Sharing 10 things that can instantly ruin your style. We are all guilty of making style mistakes from time to time. This list will serve as a resource for you to refer back to whenever needed. Thank you so much for watching. Your support means the world to me! ~Erin xo


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What I’m Wearing
Olive Dress |
Similar |
Similar for Less |
Ring |

Tip #1 | Dressing Like Your Teen-Age Daughter | 0:54
Balmain Blazer |
For Less |
For Even Less |
Jeans |
For Less |
Tall Boots |
Sunglasses |

Tip #2 | Wearing Giant Prints | 02:29
Floral Blouse |
Similar for Less |
Similar Jeans |
For Less |
Flat Shoes |

Tip #3 | You’re A Wrinkly Mess | 03:15
Handheld Steamer |
Full Size Steamer |
Steam Iron |
Iron For Less |

Tip #4 | Your Clothes Are Too Tight | 03:57
The Shirt |
Similar Cami |
Long Necklace |

Tip #5 | Lack of Support | 04:55
Vanishing Back Bra |
Natori Bra |
Strapless |
Natori Strapless |
Racerback |
T Shirt Bra |
Vanishing Panties |

Tip #6 | Squeeze into Skinny Jeans | 06:42
Jeans |
For Less |
Similar Bootie |
Similar Cardigan |
Similar White tee |

Tip #7 | You’re Trying to Hide Everything | 09:00
Brown Boots |
Similar Fair Isle Style Sweater |

Tip #8 | Not Looking in the Rear View | 10:13

Tip #9 | Too Many Accessories And Logos | 11:06

Tip #10 | Not being able to walk in your shoes | 12:16
Jimmy Choo Pumps |
Similar for Less |
Kitten Heel |

Bonus Tips | 13:28
No Show Socks |
No Show Socks For Less |

Prada Bag |
Dark Jeans |
Blazer (Blue Sold Out) |
Gucci Bag |
Peplum Jacket |

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  1. Great videos Erin, you are my beauty salon 😊
    What are your thoughts on combat boots for the over 40’s… I need your professional advice please 🌼

  2. Very Nice ideas for a “ chubby” woman, but when u put the examples on your body it is not the same. Maybe find a bigger size model so we can have a better idea? Thank you🌸

  3. I’m 40 but look like 25 (face and body, I’m rlly petite and have a childlike face/voice, not intentionally but by nature). What do I and ppl like me do?

  4. You’re super beautiful! I’m way young, but friends say I dress often dress ‘old’ for 20 lol. Still I love these tips 😁 Classic style is such a good middle ground

  5. I’ve not been able to wear heels since 19 years old-I was a passenger on a motorcycle broadsided by a station wagon … 46 years ago. One leg is 2” shorter (and disfigured) so I wear a lift. I’ve mostly worn in hiking boots so my “fashion” is severely limited.😬 Shoes are not “sexy”, having an upbeat attitude is. 👍🏻 My younger hunky husband thinks I’m pretty hot even in hiking boots!😉🥰 I wear yoga pants and tees and keep it simple. I realize I’m judged by how I dress but when people get to know me the judgement slips away. Most never know the challenges I deal with because it’s not my “story”. I still enjoy your videos. I do love fashion and your channel keeps me updated so thank you!❤️

  6. So I better kiss those big print hawaiian muumuus goodbye!!!! I was lucky enough to look good in a bikini until about 55.
    Now? My current fave swimsuit is a sleeveless zip front rash guard. High back high zip front hides unnecessary flab. I’m all leg, a nice waist, and I can rock skinny jeans all day long, even now.
    With a button up shirt, a blazer and I’m good to go anywhere. Thank you, men’s department!

  7. Some good tips. I have a boutique for a closet. I have everything on this list 5 times over. People complement me every day. I am 53 and dressing* for my body type is my first reason to buy something. Does it fit, does it work with my body type, does the color make me feel confident? I use fabulous fabrics, silk, cashmere, cotton, etc. and great accessories. If I didn’t work all the time, I could make a video. LoL 😂

  8. Style…is a personal thing. It makes me sad that people are so caught up with fitting in, that they care what others think. I wear what I like. I think there is no such thing as in style, when people are being authentic

  9. There was nothing more embarrassing than being excited to introduce my Mom to my friends and having her show up in a head to toe baby phat outfit…in 2012🥴

  10. @1:02 Erin, i think you can pull that look in an ironic way! Seriously though, you mention how you hate waiting in line at the post office when you have to return stuff. That’s why I I hate buying
    on-line (especially shoes) unless I’m really familiar with the brand. Call me old-school, but I still prefer “bricks-n-mortar ” shopping.

  11. Thanks! Only thing I have to point out: high heels can lead to painful bunions and surgery, if worn pretty much all the time, which appears to be the style you promote. It would be great if you would cover lower heels and/or flats for that reason (bunions) alone. Really appreciate all the links and advice!