10 People Who Look Like Doubles of Marvel Characters


Why do we like the Marvel universe so much? One of the reasons is that the characters are amazing. But you don’t have to go to the movies to meet people with superpowers. Superheroes are already among us! We know it’s hard to believe, so we’ve gathered 10 examples to show you that this is true. Do you want to see real-life doubles of the most famous superheroes?

00:00 – Welcome!
00:26 – English Iron Man
01:38 – Star-Lord’s doppelganger
02:59 – Captain America: Engineer
04:06 – Iranian Hulk (Preview)
05:05 – Real-life Spider-Man
06:04 – Real-life Gambit
07:09 – Thor from Earth
08:03 – Red Skull
08:59 – Lars “Hawkeye” Andersen
10:04 – Norfolk’s black widow

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  1. Does this guy actually think he revealed something shocking by telling us about stunt doubles being used in movies?

  2. He should get all of them together and remake the classic avengers assemble seen

  3. Ok so basically he called venom a SYMBION

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