10 Horror Gaming Fates Worse Than Death

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Amazing Comedy video 2021 funniest Comedy video 2021 by Bindas fun bd

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  1. Thank you for including “Bendy & The Ink Machine.” I feel like it doesn’t get enough appreciation for what it truly is.

  2. Having your femur broken, so a scary old man can pop up from the ground just to bring you to his own pocket dimension where you will inevitably die.

  3. unable to move your body while witness everything lose hope and lose all of your powers unable to save everyone then blaming you as a failure..

  4. Soma.

    *** SPOILER ALERT ***

    Soma’s ending make the protagonist, Simon, that lost the ” coin toss ” stuck on the upload chair, unable to move, alone, forever on the bottom of the ocean.

  5. It’s hard not to take We Happy Few as an attack on people who have to take medication for psychological illness.

  6. “Or rebel and have your life ripped away.”
    Yeah, crazy. Good thing posting that you want to go outside on Facebook doesn’t get 4 cops sent to your house to drag you to jail in the real world.

    Good thing having tea with a friend doesn’t get cops to send you, a 75 year old woman, to jail or cited for… something.

    Good thing preaching in your own goddamn church(pun intended)doesn’t get you arrested.

    Good thing posting on Facebook that you want to have a rally doesn’t get cops in your home, confiscating ALL your electronic devices(including your husband’s phone and your sister’s phone that just happened to be at your house when the cops showed up)and taking you to jail an hour before you were supposed to have a sonogram appointment, because you are pregnant, as your husband pleads with them not to arrest you for, and I can’t stress this enough, saying you want to gather for a legal protest event.

    Good thing you can’t be arrested for misgendering your own child, who is a legal minor.

    Good thing you don’t have the FBI hunt you down through every available means, legal or not, because you attended a protest that led to no direct deaths and so little violence that almost every violent action was able to be captured on film with a single camera, while violent protests have been torching buildings, beating and killing people, and causing over 2 billion dollars worth of property damage for the better part of a year with very little repercussions.

    Good thing the government response to the roughly 50 total rioters would never be barricades, fences, and 20,000 national guardsmen standing watch, while the public can only pray that the tens of thousands of violent rioters in their city won’t burn their homes and destroy their livelihoods.

    Good thing politicians would never get caught blatantly ignoring and violating the laws they forced the public to follow.

    What a fate worse than death to live in a completely fictional totalitarian world like the one in We Happy Few! We are lucky to live in the real world, where our governments would never do anything like the government in We Happy Few does.

  7. at 10:00 where that thing bit the players arm lmfao that was the most ridiculous animation they could of had made LMFAO!!!!

  8. Y’all literally took a video form your horror channel and reuploaded it here

  9. Should have included the end of the Dying Light DLC if you choose to fight The Mother…