10 Extinct Animals Scientists are Going to Revive

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he movie Jurassic Park has taught us that scientists shouldn’t experiment with the DNA of extinct creatures, as it could end badly. Nonetheless, given the rapidly advancing science and the opportunities that open up, scientists can’t pass up the chance to revive extinct animals. And thus, they’re already actively engaged in attempts to resurrect creatures that have long been gone. In today’s video, we’ll tell you about 10 extinct animals that scientists are going to revive in the near future.

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  1. Why would scientists revive extinct exotic animals, while worrying about the animals we currently have that are endangered? The point is, the animals we currently have, will absolutely become extinct like the dinosaurs. Scientists aren’t concerned about the animals we have that *WILL* become *extincted.* It’s driving the Earth around in circles. Our animals will become extinct, dinosaurs will tear our lives apart, humans will become extinct. And it’s technically sacrificing our lives, for the lives of the dinosaurs. Which you know what that means? It’s basically bringing the dinosaurs’ lives back then, while humans weren’t alive and our endangered animals. We DON’T *need* dinosaurs alive. Especially in this pandemic. It’s not a good idea, for our endangered animals, and including us. Plus the climate change, What good is that gonna do for the lives of the dinosaurs? It won’t. Because, while dinosaurs will be released in the wilderness, it will also extinct our *WONDERFUL* amazing, beautiful creatures we have right now. ( And once the dinosaurs destroy our wonderful creatures, including us, they will have no prey to feast on. So once again they will also become extinct. ) *I’m just predicting what is gonna happen, that will possibly happen. While Covid-19 is around, we barely have any people left. This also concludes the dinosaurs will become extinct, once they’ve got us extinct.*

  2. Human interaction has killed many animals including other human races and cultures

  3. We kill solar bear and revive live of Mammoth and let it die in global warming. Not even mention many other species in danger due to human. I feel sorry about it. If we really bring back something extinct, bringing back the earth first.

  4. To everyone saying we should be focusing on preserving the animals we have instead of reviving old ones. We can still do both

  5. I don’t see anything wrong it’s not as if we are bringing back Godzilla or something

  6. what about the hundreds of animals and insects that are on the verge of extinction .. my god what the hell is wrong with humans .. save the ones we have not spend millions bringing back extinct creatures that have no place in this world anymore ..

  7. Ehm so apparently scientists tryna bring back Dino’s LIKE AHMMMMM WHAT! WE GONNA DIE FOR THE LOVE OF LORD WHAT IDEA IS THATTTT?!

  8. I don’t think scientists can “resurrect” animals because then no animal would be endangered and it would be all over the news and it’s not it’s only on YouTube but what do I know I’m not trying to dampen your opinions I’m just stating mine

  9. If you look at the world, it’s all chaos and it’s probably because of us humans. That kinda proves that we’re “Planet Destroyers” by interrupting the balance of the world by overusing it or just literally deleting it out of existence.

  10. 2019: Covid
    2020 : Covid
    2021 : This would be a good year
    *T Rex: Let me introduce my self*